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mikefndo39 1 Reviews
Worst Customer Experience ever!

Very bad customer experience with a coconut shell curtain. First, they said they could manufacture it for Rs. 7,000/- and then after we deposited an advance of Rs. 5,000/- they said they could not do it for that price and the new price will be Rs. 12,000/- and after some negotiation, they agreed to complete the job for Rs. 10,000/- They took a longer time than we expected, and after we went to their house to check it we could that it was not to our requirement. When we discussed the matter they said it's too difficult to redo and too costly etc but finally agreed to complete the curtain within 7 days. When we called after 7 days, they were fussing that they cannot complete the job due to insufficient funds, etc and very rudely kept the phone several times. Also sent some garbage messages on WhatsApp which was not relevant to us at all. When we wanted to discuss the matter with them the man started shouting in Sinhala filth and then kept the phone. This is a message to all customers, according to our bad experience we do not want to even collect the curtain now and we will forget about the total 7,500/- that we paid. We do not want any contact with such rude and arrogant people. This is a warning message to all customers out there, please think twice before you think of giving an order to these people. Sincerely, Mike Fernando from Kandy.

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